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May 10

I'm a male Lady Amhurst pheasant.  There are two of Dottie's bringing us to the chicken swap to try to find us a new home!
We're in the cardboard boxes on top of the cages.  Her friend Ben gave her the cages years ago...
She found us at the chicken swap...and brought us home!  Three of us are a gift to her neighbor, when we get a little bigger!
Dottie invited Ben to his first chicken swap!  They sold the cages!  The guy who bought the cages would buy some chickens, put them in the cage...then go find some more!  It was a great day!
You can get almost anything there!  These people got a couple of baby goats!
This man was selling baby bunnies!
This is the little girl Dottie bought Mat and Piggy from in October!  The baby black piggy is only three weeks old!
These are the same three alpacas that they had for sale in October!  Dottie likes the brown one! 
These are the donkeys and goats they had for sale! 
The baby goat in the middle could be Mats half brother!

Then they opened the door where the pot belly pigs were!  There was Piggy's sister from a different litter!  If  Dottie could of...she would of!  She had a sign on her that said..."Please do not sell this woman anything!"  (only kidding!)

For all those who ask where they can get a Pot Belly Pig...I could highly recommend the love this family puts into their critters!

The Touchette Family
(413) 529-2007

Donkeys, Goats, Poultry, Bunnies and Mini Pigs.

Hey, Dottie...wanna give me a brushing?
Now... that's what I'm talking about!

Hey Donk E...mind if I use the dirt bath spot?

Not at all, Piggy!  I was just enjoying the sun!

Thanks, Donk E!  This is the best spot for a dirt bath!

But're all dirty now!

Donk's a dirt bath!  You're suppose to get dirty!

I am so glad that you chose me to bring home and love...
Soft lap to snuggle in for a nap...I'm a lucky goat!   Zzzzzzzz...burp....chew, chew, chew ...zzzzzz
Okay...all you darlings!  Pay attention!  I'm gonna teach you how to scratch the ground for food!
Did you call Donk E...for a Donk E hug?
Good trade!  Donk E hugs for a "Good Boy" and a head scratch!  Oh that feels good!
Look out, Mat!  I'm on a roll!
Oh ya...this is the life!  Got any sun screen?
You have stuff in your fur, Mat!  Hold still while I give you a tongue bath, okay?
I couldn't move if I wanted to, Piggy!

These bumps on your head hafta go, Mat!

They're my horns, Piggy.  We tried to get rid of them...twice...but they wouldn't go!

You really packed it in, here, Mat!  I'm almost done!  My tongue's starting to get tired!

Can you finish up, Piggy?  I'm getting sleepy!

Ok, Mat!  Once I finish this spot... I'm all done!

Yep!  Nap sounds good right about now!

When do you think we can go outside?

Not me!  Did you see what's out there?  Those guys are huge!



Hey you you hear that? 

It sounds like another family of baby chicks!

Where are they?

Oh!  An ear rub!  It's gotta be my favorite thing!
A good brushing comes in second!  Here's the brush, Dottie...can you give me a good brushing?
I trained her well...didn't I?
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