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April 26

Here she comes with the tool wagon!  Wonder what she's gonna build now!
I betcha I know what she's gonna do!  Not build...but UN-build!  I told her it would be nice to have our community room back seeing Piggy and Mat won't be living there!  I bet she's gonna do it for us!

Can we help?

Hey Donk E...there's food in the duck pen!

Whoa!  Hold this thing down!  When I stepped on the end of it...the stick reached up to bop me!

What is it Mat?

I dunno, Donk E...but it smells like all of us!

Dottie's asking why everything she builds to be only temporary....and everything she builds that's temporary...ends up permanent!  We told her...everything is only temporary!  Un-building seems alot harder than building it!  She used screws and nails!  We can't go near there because stuff is flying, and the insulation is exposed!  She doesn't want us to eat it!
I'll just sneak in to see what she has in the little bucket!  Mmmmm....pencils!
Am I spoiled...or what!  I have my very own bunk bed!
Ta- Da!  What a difference a day makes!   All we need now is some fresh hay!  This...ladies and our new community room!

I'm not the "little guy"...I'm Mat!

They didn't mean anything by that, Mat!  Chill!

All my babies...huddle in...till I tell you it's safe!!  We have a visitor!
I'm being held by a giant!

Shirley?  Do you have treats in your hand?

Ben has a whole bag of em, Donk E!

Ahhhh!  So he does!  Give it up, Benny!
I still love you, Shirley!  Want a Donk E hug?
I just feel bad when people call me little...I'm a Pygmy Goat...I'll never be "big"!  I can only think I am!  That's kinda hard to do when everybody calls me little!
Hey, Shirley!  Good to see you again!  You brought goodies?

Cherios!  You remembered!

Hey another goodie for me?

It's nice to be out after the few days in relaxing after my spaying!  I'm suppose to walk for 15 minutes...twice a day! 

How you feeling, Piggy?  It's good to see you outside!

Thanks, Donk E!  I'm still a little I'm just taking it easy!

The leaves are growing on the Dog Wood tree that Tara gave to Dottie!  Think I'll just do a little trimming!
What!  I was only trying to help!
We'll go in as soon as I dig this out!  It smells too good to pass up!

I heard the dinner bell ring!

Me, too!

I'm right behind you!

I get my dinner in this big bowl!
I get fed next...right?
She pours my food down a tube into my food tray!
Crunch...munch...crunch... munch...munch...can't talk with my mouth full!
Once the others get their food...Dottie closes the barn door and puts my food bowl in the hay manger!  That way I can eat in peace! 
Hey Red Chick!  How ya doing?  How's the babies?

We're all doing fine, Eagle!  Right now...they're staying warn in my feathers!


This stuff is pretty good!  Can't wait till we get to go outside and scratch up the real stuff!

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