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May 1

It sure is hot today, Piggy...and it's still only morning!

Yes it is, Mat!  I think I need a pool to waddle in...or a nice mud hole would do! 

It's nice and cool in here!  Ya...that's it!  I'm one cool cat!  Ha Ha!
Before you fill up the duck pool...could you splash me a little mud spot...right here?
Oh Yeah!  Nice cold water...straight from the well!
Just keep the water coming!  Ahhhhhhhh!  I can't wait to get my hair cut!  I can't believe I actually said that!

Look at him, Solly!  Laying there in the mud... getting wet with the hose!  Like he likes it!

Ya, Donk E!  He...who doesn't like to get his fur wet when it rains!

I grew 4 inches of fur over the winter!  It's like I'm wearing a blanket!  And you guys are shedding your winter fur!  I have to get mine shaved!
No!  No!  Don't get me wet!
Whoa!  That's's cold!

I'm nice and cool now!

Hey Dottie...can you bring the hose back?

Ya...can you spray us down?

I want to get!



Have you been wondering where I've been?  I've been pretty busy!
This is the softest nest in town!  Lined with my own feathers! 
I'm gonna be a dad!
Too cold for me!  Better let it warm up a little before I take my bath!

She got you with the hose, Donk E?  Did it work?  Are you cool now?

Ya!  It worked!  Then I finished it off with a nice dirt bath!

Hey Donk E!  It makes it easier to ride on your back, when it's dirty like this!
Whoa...Donk E!  I didn't mean I wanted to go for a ride!
Neck scratch! 
Oh ya!  Ear rub!  Love...Love...Love!
Dottie...When are you gonna let Red Chick and my babies out?
I don't want to go out there!  Not with the fox still running around!
I'm not afraid of the fox!
Ya!  And I'm not afraid...either!
They should be afraid of the fox!  She got me!  If it wasn't for Joe chasing us down with the truck till she dropped me...I would have been a gonner!  Then Joe had to chase me through the woods to catch me...because I was so scared! 
Me and the Misses wasted no time!
Can I have a hug...please?
Hey...if you're giving out lovings...I want some!
Cat nap!
Belly rub!  I can see why the pig likes 'em so much!  Hey...little to the left, please!

Hey Piggy...where ya going?

Grazing in the yard over there, Donk E.

Mind if I join ya, Piggy?

Not at all, Donk E!  I would love your company!

Hey you guys...wait for me!

Our first bloomed lilacs!  Thank you for the beautiful hand thrown vase, Laura!  Comes in handy!
The Bunnies live on that side, sweety!
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