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April 24

Good Morning!  First morning after my spay!  I'm just a little sore...but we're glad it's over!
I have to take 3/4 of a pill  twice a day.  It's an antibiotic so I don't get an infection!  Dottie hides the pills in grapes!  Can you see where she hid them?
Once... the pill fell out...but I ate it up all on it's own!  I'm a pig!  I eat everything!
After breakfast...I just take a little snooze.  Today...I'm just gonna have a lazy day!  I earned it!
I'm teaching my chicks how to scratch for food!  They are getting bigger every day!

Who's that? 

 That's Dottie! 

Can we have some bread?

Can we have a corn on the cob?
These are my darlings!  Beautiful...aren't they!
Here's some good stuff, Prairie Chicken!  I'm glad you're eating!  You need to eat!  It will make you feel better!

Why do you have to be such a bully, Solly?

Where I was born, Mat...I was the littlest horse there...and everybody pushed me around!  So when I came here...I started to do what the big horses did to me!  I thought that's what you do when you grow up!  Push the little guys around!

Well, Solly!  You're the biggest one here, now!  So you don't have to be a bully anymore!
You can leave that to me!  Ha Ha!  I'll be the bully!

I'll walk with you to the front field, Donk E!

I can't believe she put me on a leash for the walk over!

Time for me to get dressed!  Do I have to wear the halter?
Now it's my turn to get dressed!  We worked it out good and came up with this compromise!  At my other farm...they had to wrestle me down to get a halter on me!  Dottie wouldn't do that!  Well...she did it twice...and said there had to be a better way!  So this is how we worked it out!  I have to go to my corner...
When she tells me to lay down...I do!  It's easier for us this way!
Once I'm all the way down...she tells me I'm a good boy!  I don't get treats for this anymore, because just getting the halter on and heading a treat!
When she says "head"...  I gently place my head on her hand!
Sometimes she'll just scratch my head a little...before we put my halter on!
I didn't even like to be touched before I came here to live with Dottie! feels so good...that I really enjoy it!  Can you believe that!  I came this far in a year and a half!
This part happens real quick!  As soon as the halter is in front of me...I push my nose into it...and she plays with my she buckles the buckle!
She always say the work "click" before she hooks on my leash!  That let's me know what she's gonna do it's not scary!
Once I'm all hooked up...she steps back and tells me "up"!  So I get up...and follow her where ever she wants to go!
Now that I'm in the front goes in reverse!  I lay down again...she says head...then unhooks the leash!  I still have to wear my halter...and it has a gotchya rope hanging off it!  That's so when Dottie says gotchya...I know to stand there because I'm gonna get touched!
That's it!  I'm on my own!
Since I lived here...I learned wearing a halter is a good thing!

Will you take a picture of me, Dottie?

Up here by the pump!  Ready?  Cheese!
Here's another job for Rebuilding Together!  Joe and Dottie are replacing a door on a mobile home.
Once they got the door off...they could see where the wood rotted from water getting in!

They replaced the rotten wood with nice solid wood!

Then they screwed the new door on!
Now Joe's putting on the door knob!
Now that the door is done...they have to go around to the front...and re roof the front porch!  No pictures of that because Dottie's working with black sticky tar...and she didn't want to get any of it on her camera!  Another job done for Rebuilding!
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