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Piggy Gets Spayed

The following photos are of the actual surgery.  

 Parents...Please preview this page for your children!

We didn't show the graphic parts because of the children.  If you would like to see the complete set of photos of the surgery...please send me an e-mail...and I will send you the photos.  It is quite interesting to actually see the uterus and ovaries, with the eggs at different stages of development.

We just got the "call" from Dr. Emilie!  She had a cancellation and could spay me tomorrow morning!  It's a good thing because Dottie won't have to worry for a month or more...and Diane just left for vacation!  That's sad...because I like to watch her squirm in the corner!  It takes my mind off of what's going on! 
I'm at the Battenkill Bovine Hospital with Dr. Emilie, and Toni!  Toni is my anesthesiologist.  She's incharge of me sleeping through this whole thing...and then waking up after.  That's alot of responsibility!  I've been sucking gas through a clear plastic cup...with a hose attached to it!  The hose is connected to different gas tanks...and there's a black baloon going in and out as I breath.  Everybody's watching it.  I'm laying on the table...on my a foam thing.  My front feet are "hog tied".  I feel like I'm floating!  I can see everything happening... just like I'm looking down at me from the ceiling!   
Hey!  That's Mary-Ann!  She's Dr. Emilies assistant!  Wow!  It's a party!  And I'm sleeping through it!  Go figure!  He-He!  Toni has to make sure my head is back just so...that way I can breath right!  And she watches that bag going in and out.  That shows her how well I'm breathing!  I am "out like a light"!
Good thing I'm out like a light!  Will you look at that!  Dr. Emilie started...and I feel...nothing!  Wow!  Toni!  Good job, there!  That stuff really works!

Mary-Ann is lending a hand or two!  Dr. Emilie is fishing around inside the incision!  It should feel like I'm being tickled inside out...but I still can't feel a thing!  That means Toni is doing her job!  Thanks, Toni!  I won't forget your diligence!  Dr. Emilie is in there tugging and clamping and sewing and clipping!  Before I knew was all done!

Ah!  My day at the spa...complete with a tummy tuck and a pedicure!  How good is that! 
They moved me to the recovery pen.  I got a black rubber pad and some nice blankets to lay on!  I'm shivering because I'm coming out of the annestesia.  Dottie's laying down with me to keep me warm.  I'm feeling a little confused.  It's like I'm trying to have this dream let go of me.   It's hold on me is getting weaker and weaker.  I can hear them talking and rushing around.  Cleaning...talking...laughter.
Hey Dottie!  What do you mean "welcome back"!  Where did I go?  Where am I?
Hi Dr. Emilie!  I'm ready!  What do you mean we already did it?  I'm already spayed?  Then it wasn't a weird dream...was it?  For real?  Cool!  It was over before I even had a chance to worry about it! 
You're the best, Dr. Emilie!
I don't feel any pain...just a little woozy.  You gave me a shot to keep away the pain?  I didn't even feel the shot!  Can we go home now?  I'm exhausted!
I'm home now....and very tired!  I think I'm gonna take a nap.  I am now officially spayed!  Yeah!
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