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April 23

It's such a beautiful day!  Please...let's take a walk!
But I don't want to get dressed!  I don't need a halter....I'll be good!
Hey Chris!  This was a surprise!   Nice of you to bring the whole family!
Group Photo!  Chris is with me!  Mrs. Chris is with Donk E (her real name is Pam!)  Caroline is with Mat!  And Allison is with Galahad!  They have a connection going!
Come on...Caroline!  We get to be the leaders!
Hey...Buddy!  We kinda gut the connection thing going on, too!  Don't we?  I feel you warming up to me!
This is our first stop, Pam!  We call this the Pine Patch!  This is the first one!  We get to eat here!

This little Allison has such a gentle touch!

Come on Caroline...We're suppose to be first!  Quick... Quick!

Pam...I'm the first Donk E you ever walked?  You're doing very good!
Look at all those pine trees!  The woods are full of them!
I like when they all go first Allison!  Then we get to take our time and enjoy our walk!
You're suppose to be telling me to "Ho" and "walk on", ya know!
Come on, Caroline!  First one back to the barn gets the cookie!
Oh ya!  You got my good spot!  Ya!  Ya!  Oh...Right there!
Oh Caroline!  Look at the moss on that tree...will ya!  Come on!  Let's eat it before they do!

Pam...You're suppose to tell Donk E to "Step Up"!  When you try to pull him like that...he puts the breaks on! 

Mat...don't give it away!  I'm having some fun with her!

Let me be good...let me be good...let me be good...
Aced the "hankie from the pocket" trick!
I'm really working hard at being good right now!  You might not be able to "see" I just wanted you to know!  That has to be the hardest "trick"  I had to learn!  To control myself!  Ya...that's it!  Self control!  Breath deep...calm down...I learned that from Galahad!  Ok...I'm ready!  Shake my hoof!  (He's shaking my knee...wonder if he knows that!)
Wanna play hoop with me?
What do you have?  Hmmmmm....
I get two hoop holders?  Who's gonna give me my treat when I go through?
Okay!  Works for me!
Okay!  Now it's your turn to go through the hoop!
Good Girl, Allison!  Excellent!
Good Job...Caroline!  Okay, Allison...your turn again!  Through the hoop!
Okay, Caroline!'re fast!  Allison...get ready!
Cherios!  I love cherios!  Thank you!
Isn't this nice...munch...munch...munch...holding my dinner bowl while I eat!
This is the perfect bowl height, Caroline!
Hey!  Why does Solly get to eat from your hand...and I had to eat from my bowl?  Are you guys bonding?

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