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April 22

You're new here!  What's your name?  Ameila?  Amelia Grace?  Nice...very nice!
You want up pretty?
I'll give you up pretty!  Give me the apple!
Let's play with the hoop!
I can get it this far by hafta help me get it over my head!
Amelia...Could you brush just a little harder?  I'm starting to shed my winter fur!
Thank you!  Time for a Donk E hug!  They're famous ya know!

Finally!  My turn to get the attention!  Hi Amelia...I'm Solly!  I bring you give me treats! 

Show off!  He's in there because he tries to hog all the attention!

Hi Amelia!  Thank you for the treat!
Why...Thank you, too...Amelia's Mom!
I can get the keys, too!
Sharon...ask Dottie if we can go for a walk!
Don't panic, Sharon!  I use the bushes to scratch my belly...that's all!

What a nice day for a walk...even if it is a short one!'s just nice to be out!

Everybody's happy!
Thank you!  That was great!  Do you have to go now?  You'll come back...right? 
That wasn't right... that I couldn't go for a walk, too!  So I went over the bridge!  Big Deal!  Their grass IS greener!
It's not like I can't knock this out and let myself know?
All I have to do is keep shaking it...till it falls!
I could of just jumped over it...if I really wanted to!
But did I?  Noooooo!  I stayed right here and waited for you to get back!
Does that right my wrong?  I'm sorry I went over the bridge.  Are we OK now?
Now I have to start from scratch on the trust thing...bummer!
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