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April 20

My chicks are hatching!  And life goes on!
This is what's been keeping Dottie so busy!  Piggy's new poo area!
The ramp still needs railings.  The rug keeps me from slipping!  I have a gate to go out for walks!  That way Dottie doesn't have to lift me over the fence anymore!  And she built a gate so she can take the express route to the deck!  We still need a roof....but that's OK!  Tomorrow's another day!
I have the whole porch all to myself!  She built a gate to let Wrex out, and left the wire off so the cat's could pass through! Ya...she thought of everything!   Had to!
It's just not the same here...with Piggy outside for the day!  Maybe I should learn how to play games with her!  It's definitely more fun hitting the ball back to her from behind the net!
Hey...Dottie?  Can you teach me how to pig play?
So what do I do now?
Okay!  I got the ball! 
What do you mean...I have to be gentle?  That's the way cat's "get" things!
I'm to push the ball to you?  Like this?
Then I  "gently get" the ball!  Is this better?  Less claw?
Now I "gently" push it back to you?  Like this?

That's all you do?  Push the ball back and forth?  Boring! 

Hey, Romeo!  What are you doing in the kennel?  You're usually running around the yard!

Oh...Piggy...I have to stay in here because of the fox out there!  Red Chick is using my bunny pad to hatch her chicks.  They're safe in there!  I'm safe in here!

Where's Bunny...Romeo?

She moved back in with the girls!  She didn't like being alone at night!

Hey...If you put Bunny in here with me...then she wouldn't be alone!

What do you think, Mat? 

I dunno...Romeo.  You havn't been neutered yet!

We went over to visit Mike and Diane before they went away on vacation.  Frenchie is keeping an eye on us!
Can you scratch a little harder?  I have thick skin!
What do you mean..."I won't fit in your luggage"?  I'm a Pygmy!
We're doing our chores!'s lawn care!  Trimming all the high spots!
Dottie called me a weed whacker!  I love the dandelion leaves!  When I'm done eating them...I dig up the roots...and eat them too!  Yum!
I'm wearing my leash...cuz I was a bad boy yesterday.  I crossed the bridge.  Then I tried to get the others to cross with me...but they wouldn't go for it.  So I got in trouble myself.  The grass was greener on the other side of the bridge!
I'm coming in for a snuggle!
Yep!  Critter Lawn Care!  We get ALL the nooks and crannies!
Hey!  Where'd everybody go?
What are they doing way back there?
Bet they found a good spot!
There's some tall stuff!

I'm getting hungry!

We just ate our way across the yard!

She's ringing the dinner bell!
What do you think, Galahad...apples or carrots for dessert?

What's all the peeping sound?

Red Chick's eggs must of hatched!

I have seven baby chicks that hatched!  Aren't they beautiful?
They are beautiful, Red Chick!  Kinda makes me want to have chicks of my own!
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