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April 18

I'm helping Dottie work on our web site!
Hey...Joe Buddy!  Wanna toss some pellets for me?
Come on...give 'em up!
It's empty!  How 'bout a refill!
Can we mow the lawn for you today?

Okay!  I'm ready!

For all of 8 years...I use to panic at the sight of "the halter"!  The only time I had to have a halter on, was for the vet with the shots, a hair cut or getting my feet trimmed...which was all very scarey!  I had to be wrestled down...which was even more scarey! 

A little cheek and chin scratch!
Mmmmm....nice deep neck scratch!
I like when she makes sure there's no fur stuck in the buckle!
 The first thing I learned since I came to live with Dottie, was that if I want to go out...I need to get dressed!  That's what we call getting the halter on!  I will go in my corner...lay down...put my nose in the halter and push forward!  Dottie buckles it on, steps back and then tells me "up"!  What a difference a year makes!

Hey Romeo!  What was the ruckus going on out there in the driveway?

Oh... Donk E.  A momma fox was teaching her babies how to our yard!  We lost Blond Chick, Marylin, Duckie and Fluffy!  Joe chased the fox with his truck!  The fox that had Fuzzie, let him Joe brought him home.  He's resting in the chicken coop.

It just happened so fast...and then they were...gone. 
Dottie covered the gate with wire fence, and made sure the perimeter is sound.
I'm glad you're safe, Prairie Chicken!  That's a good thing!  If you stay in here, with us...we can protect you from those mean nasty foxes!
Prarie Chicken...I'll make sure no foxes come into our yard!  We can't help you when you're on the other side of the gate, though.
Can I sleep with you tonight? 
 Can you hear me?  Where are you?'s me...Red!   Romeo let me nest in his pad.  Is he safe?
He's safe Red!  He ran under the barn.  Oh...there's Prairie Chicken, poor thing...loosing her sister and friends like that.

I can't believe it happened!

Dear God...Please welcome our friends home.

I feel so bad.  Here I am...the "watch dog"...laying in the house...holding the rug down!  I feel like it's my fault.  I should have been "watching".  I'll be right here if they try to come back again!
I'm serious!  Can I please sleep in the house tonight with you and Joe and Piggy?
Come on, Mat!  Knock out the barn rake!

It will make you feel better!

Aargh!  Those foxes made me so mad!
Why just knock the barn rake out, Mat?
Get real mad...and knock the whole poo cart over!


You did it, Mat!  You knocked it over...all by yourself!

Wow...Donk E!  I really did it...didn't I!

I'm watching! 

I'm watching, too!  If that fox comes back...I'm gonna head butt him into tomorrow!
I don't think it's fair!

I have to stay in the kennel instead of running free.  I can't stay in my place, cuz I'm letting Red Chick use it to hatch her eggs!


It's Penny!

I'm not gonna let you get close enough to catch ME!

I smell a goat on you!

I smell horses...lots of them!

Why do I smell goat on you, Penny?  You have a goat of your own?!!

My feet need a trim, too, Penny!

Not me...I hate having my feet trimmed!

I go first, right, Penny!

Can I go after Solly?

Do I smell carrots in your pocket?
Penny is cleaning out all the dirt from my hoof!
Then she uses the nippers to trim my hoof! 
The last step is to file it down...nice and round and pretty!
Now it's my turn!
Can we go for a walk now...and try out our new feet?
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