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April 12

Will you look at her?  That Piggy just doesn't stop!  Trick after trick after trick!  I don't know if it's because she wants the pellets or just enjoys doing them!  Her tail doesn't stop wagging!  She's as bad as the dog!

Momma Kitty?  Can I ask you a question?

How come you have two different names?
Joe named me Purrrincess when I first came here as a kitten!
So why does everybody call you Momma Kitty?
I got that name when I had my babies!

Zeek is my son, Piggy!

He is?

He is?
Ha Ha Snort Ha Ha!
What's so funny, Piggy?
For real?  Zeek's your son?
Hey...Zeekie...your Momma's calling!
Zeek Kitty...why didn't you tell me Momma Kitty was your Momma?
You didn't ask!
Hey Piggy...mind if I use your litter box?
Don't matter to me!  I don't even use it anymore!  I go outside!

Wanna play Bop Toy with me, Zeek?

Na....   Cats don't play that, Piggy!

Aw...come on, Zeek!  Play with me!

Do you want to bowl, Zeek?

No, Piggy...the pins scare me when they fall!

Do you want to play ball with me, then?

You hit it to hard, Piggy.

I'll hit it softer...I promise!

How 'bout finding the raisin in the jewelry box?  There...I even opened it for you!

I don't eat raisins, Piggy!

Do you want to play the colors game with me?

I'm color blind, Piggy.

Do you wanna flip the tire?

I don't think could crimp my whiskers.

Well, Gee...Zeek...what do cats like to do for fun?

We like to catch mice, Piggy!

Did you ever try to catch a mouse, Piggy?
Can't say that I have, Zeek...but it sounds fun!

What do you do with it, once you catch it?

Have it for dinner!

I don't know, Zeek...that doesn't sound like fun anymore!

Don't knock it...'till you've tried it!

I don't think that's something I want to try!

What else do cats like to do?


We call it a "cat nap"!
If I took a nap...would it be a "pig nap"?
Oh well!  Guess I'll just have to play by myself, then!
And I'll just lay here in this sunbeam and catch a few Zs!  That way, buy the time Joe's ready to go to sleep....I'll be wide awake!
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