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April 8 Woods Walk
With Chris, Caroline, Allison and Emilie

We get to go on a woods walk!  Chris brought his daughters, Caroline and Allison, over to help work with us!  They brought their friend Emilie, too!
Caroline?  Do I have to wear a leash? 

What's the pig doing on a woods walk?

Hold up!  Good eating, here!
I found a good spot, too!  Soft moss!  Yum!  Snort...snort! Oh...Happy Pig!
I found some moss, too, Piggy!
Wait up, Caroline...good stuff!
Sure you don't want any of this, Emilie?  It's really good!
But Allison...I want to go this way!
Come on...Caroline!  That looks like a good spot!
Come on, Emilie...let's run!

Why do we have to go back?  That was a short walk!

Chris and I are doing the male bonding thing! 
We're heading back to the barn to work on our tricks!
I get two hoop holders?  How cool!
Gee, Donk E...I want to try to go through the hoop!  Can I have a turn?
Hey...Caroline?  Do you think Mat can have a go at the hoop?  He really wants to try it!
What's so hard about this?  All you have to do is walk through the hoop!  Donk E said it was a hard trick!

Keep those carrots coming, Caroline!  Hey Galahad...wanna give it a try?

Nope!  Not me, Donk E!

This is kinda easy!  Ask if you can use the smaller hoop next time, Mat!
Now it's your turn, Allison!  Through the hoop! 
It's so easy!  You go through, like this....
Then you turn around...and go through the other way!
My turn, turn!  Up Pretty...see!
Thanks for the carrot!  And the walk!  It was a nice walk!
Here's the keys, Allison!  Do you have to leave now?
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