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April 14

Good morning!  It's not just a good's a beautiful morning!  It would be a nice day for a walk!
Can you scratch behind my ears, please?
Whoa...Mat!  Everything is different!  My ramp isn't where it usually is!  There's walls!  Oh... I don't know, Mat....

Aw...Come on...Piggy!  This is so cool!   You just got a poo area make over!


Oh Goody!  Fresh bale of hay!  This is gonna be great!

Hold still, Mat!  You've got stuff stuck to your fur! 

I know, Piggy...I was butting the pine tree!

shhhhhh!  I think I want to hide on Mat!

Piggy?  Where'd ya go?
Are you hiding on me, Piggy?

Yes... gave it away when you answered me!

Ooops!  Let me try it again, Mat!  Only this time I won't talk while I'm hiding...okay?
Are you guys ready to head in?
Who you calling "guy" Zeek?  I'm "MISS" Piggy! 
I'm sitting...I'm staying...and now I smile!  Smiles are contagious!
Hey, Dottie!  I wanna go through the hoop like Donk E does!

Let's both go through!


Can we do that for the show?
This is kinda boring!  You should hold the hoop higher!
I don't think so, Mat...I like it right where it is!
What do you do?  Just knock it down...and you get a pellet?
Usually, Mat...I have to sit and stay till she sets them up!
I'm glad she changed the rule for me!  Pellet please!
You have treats?  I'm coming!
I'm getting sleepy!
I love you, Dottie!  Wanna snuggle in for a nap?
I left you a present! 
Whadya expect!  I'm a goat!  You just got marbleized!  Ha Ha!
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