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February 10

Mike came by to show us the new paint job on his truck! 

Hey!  How come Mike didn't come over to say hi to us?

But everybody's been too busy!

All you've been doing is cleaning snow...

When you gonna find time to play with us!  Huh?

That's it!  I'm not moving 'till you put the shovel down and give me some lovings!  That's all you've been doing... all morning!  What do you mean..."that's all we've been doing all morning!"? 
Joe's been busy with the tractor all morning!
Nope!  Not moving!  We want lovings!
Chip, scrape and shovel!  That's all you did this morning!
Dottie...if you don't put that shovel down...right now...I'm gonna have Donk E knock over the poo wagon!
Just say the word, Mat!  I'm ready!
OK, Donk E!  She's still poo picking!  Knock it over!

Donk E!  Why didn't you knock it over?

I couldn't do it, Mat!  Dottie's been working too hard cleaning our pen!  I just don't have the heart!

Come on, Donk E...I'll help ya!
Donk E won't let me tip the poo cart I'll just hide your shovel!
How can you be almost done?  Solly and Galahad just left you another one! 
I really wanted to tip it over...but then it would have taken you even longer!
Oh!  An ear rub!  Yeah!
Oh, Ya!  Right there!  Now go back a little!  Can you scratch a little harder?
Do I see lovings going on?  And I wasn't invited?

Ok, Mat...out of the way!  It's my turn, now!

But I'm not done yet!

I look up and see Donk E getting lovings!  Then... Mat's getting lovings!  I just figured it was my turn now!   Can you scratch behind my ear, please?  And put some nail into it?
Oh, yeah!  Oh, yeah!  Right there!  Perfect!
You wouldn't wanna make us some nice... hot... oatmeal on a cold day like today...would you?
Hey!  Zeekie Kitty!  Wanna help me up here, buddy?  Give me a boost or something?
Piggy!  What are you doing?  Dottie's in the kitchen cooking up some oatmeal!  If she sees you on the couch...she'll have a kitten!
That's OK, Zeekie!  I love kittens!
I didn't mean it that way, Piggy!  You'll get in trouble if you get up on the couch!  That's what I ment!
Well...why would I get in trouble, Zeekie?
You're up there...aren't you?  You don't get in trouble!
Because I'm a cat, Piggy!  Cat's can do whatever they want!  It's rule number one!  Besides... you're to big to get on the couch! 
Well... that doesn't sound fair!
How can I be too big?
Joe and Dottie get to sit on the couch... and they're way bigger than me!
It's their couch, Piggy!  They get to make the rules!
Well, if that's how it is... then I want my own couch! 
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