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Awwww...does somebody need a Donk E hug???
Here's my new bunny area!  Dottie had to build me a permanent one since Solly got through the tempory fence.  He was eating my food!  So Dottie said enough was enough!  I really like it!  She even put a hollow log in for me to get out of the rain.  I have all these other places to go if it rains....but I don't want to leave the girls!  Solly can't get in this time!  Not that he hasn't tried!  This thing is solid! 
I like the new bunny area because we have a path through, now.  Before it just ended at the fence.  And when the boys were chasing eachother, they'd have to stop and turn and run the other way.  Now they can chase eachother all the way around!
Look how beautiful her tail feathers are!  She's gonna look just like me when she grows up!  She just peeps all day long! 
Check this out!  Dottie left the gate open to my stall!  Sol and Donk E wasted no time in rushing in to eat the rest of my food!
Hey Gallahad, it's fair game because you walked away!  We 're just cleaning up your plate!
That's okay!  You can eat my leftovers....
I'll eat this fresh stuff!
This is the outhouse Dottie and Joe built for themselves!  Dottie stained it blue with purple trim, and glow in the dark stars so you can find it in the dark!
Terri was the first one to "sign in"!  It makes for great reading on those days when Dottie gets a little homesick!
Oh those flying bugs got me.  Itchy spot...ouch...itchy spot...ouch!  It's kinda tough when you have to scratch an itchy spot with your teeth! 
Here I was...taking a cat nap, and all of a sudden...I heard the word "vet".  I woke up thinking it was a bad dream.  It wasn't.  Before I knew it....I was stuffed into a cage and put in the truck along with Purrrincess, Spooky and Wrex.  And I thought it was gonna be a beautiful day.
This is Doctor Teddy Smith from Mandack Vet.  I see her once a year to get a check up and my yearly shots.  She's telling me I'm such a good boy!  I'm telling her she's such a good Doctor! 
These are some of the tools she will be using for our exams. 

This isn't gonna hurt, is it Doc?

My heart is beating so fast, she's probably gonna put me on high blood pressure meds!

Now she's checking my ears. 
Now she's checking my eyes.  She noticed my eyes were starting to get a little "cloudy".  It's my age.  I'm an old dog!  She can see inside my eye with a bright light.  Everything in there is working ok! 
No...I....don't want my mouth.... and say ahhhhhhh!  
Hey Doc....that thing is cold!  And it tickles.  Trust me....the heart is beating!
You're checking me for fleas?  I thought you were just combing my fur!  That feels good....can you go just a little higher?  Oh yes....right there! 
This is the part we don't like.....the shots.  We all get "the shots".  Every year....shots.  This visit cost Dottie almost $350...and we're all healthy!  Well, Wrex caught a wierd thing from a tickbite, and is on antibiotics.  But no heart worm or lyme disease!  That's a good thing!  So he takes 4 pills twice a day...he'll live!  If you're thinking about getting a pet.....please include the cost of keeping us healthy in your budget.
Make sure you wash yourself good before we go to dinner....and make sure you get behind your ears too! I clean enough?   Can we have dinner now?

Wow!  Carrots and lettus and bread!

Hey you guys....come and get it!  Before I eat it all up!

Dinners ready? 
I'm coming....I'm coming!
You only have to tell me once!  What do we have today?
Dottie caught me sneaking in again!  So this is where all the food is!  She tries to sneak on me to see how I get the door open!  These cute lips are pretty nimble!  If the door isn't closed all the way, I wrap my lips around the door knob and turn it till it opens!
I think I'll just lay down here in the sun and take a snooze!
It sounded like a good idea....but it's too hot!
This water trough looks mighty inviting!

Ahhhh!  The water's nice and cool!   Can I go in for a dip?


You'll get the hose out for me?   Oh... thank you!

Oh....yes....that feel so good!  Nice and cold...just the way I like it!

Can you give me a splash over here?

 And here?

And over here?

Keep it coming!


Ha Ha!  Solly's taking a nice!
Let's see how close we can sneak up to him!   Shhhhhhhh!
He sure looks comfy...doesn't he!
I'm dreaming of running through the forest, and chowing down in the fields! 

Oh So-o-o-l-l-y...

Wake up!

Hunh?   Where am I?  Why'd you have to go and wake me up?

What's a horse to do to get a little shut eye around here?

Oh, come on Solly...wanna play?

Go away, Donk E.  Give me a break!
It's pretty sad when you have to put yourself in the time out pen...just to get some time out! 
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